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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Most Amazing Thing Just Happened

It's been a ridiculous day. The motherboard went out on my computer at work. I know that motherboard sounds like something right out of Star Trek, and it turns out we basically have to send the computer to the USS Enterprise in space to get it fixed. Fortunately, Scotty will only need about 14 days to get it done. "Beaming Up" would be a nice reality right about now. Fortunately, I have an old Dell to keep me facebooking even though every thirty seconds like clockwork it informs me that Spybot has blocked somethng called "Double Click A". Of course, the computer freezes until I click okay.

In the midst of my technological breakdown, my phone rang. It was my sister which is actually weird because she is not allowed to have her cell phone at work. I don't think I even said hello before I launched into my computer drama. But then it hit me that it was weird that she was calling so I asked what was going on with her.This is what she said, "I know you are having a ridiculous day, but I am calling for one reason and one reason only. I love you. I just wanted to tell you that I love you." This is SO out of character for Evie, she doesn't even like to be hugged. I immediately thought something was wrong. But Evie so eloquoently reminded me that today is September 11, and as we think about the uncertainty of anyone's future, it's important loved ones feel loved.

Eight years ago people were calling friends and family to say "I love you" for the last time. It just made me think, what a luxury we have today with cell phones and the ability to place a call from anywhere at anytime. It's sad that we don't take advantage of that more and before life becomes dire. I'm extremely guilty of falling into the laziness of communication through the type written word with all the texting and emailing. We should all take Evie's lead and literally with the spoken word, let our friends and family know their worth. I know that I will never forget my sister's phone call.

In fact, after I hung up, I called the first person that popped into my head and expressed my love. I'm planning on making a few more calls before the day is over. And if anyone at all is reading this, you should too. It feels amazing both to hear and say.

And you know what, I've forgotten all about my motherboard.