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Friday, August 14, 2009

Our First Bit of New York Scenery: Domo

At this point, we were ready to hit the streets and find some lunch. I never leave home without my Frommer’s Travel Books, so I had the New York edition which suggested the Chesea Market as a unique lunch spot. We got a little lost trying to find it (Shocker!) but when we asked this man on the street for directions, he simply pointed up. We were standing in front of it, Day One and the follies have begun.

The Chelsea Market is a very cool building, obviously some kind of industrial building that has been renovated. It is also home to the Food Network offices and studios. There was some Iron Chef going on while we were there. Shannon was able to find dried pears, her favorite delicacy, and I was able to begin my quest for the perfect New York City cupcake. I started with Eleni’s Bakery and we got a chocolate peanut butter cupcake and a chocolate cupcake with coconut buttercream. The coconut cupcake would turn out to be the overall best of the trip.

We wandered down into the meat packing district and stumbled upon a restaurant called The Diner and settled in for lunch. It was an upscale version of the typical Seinfeld type diner except there was one thing that made it atypical. We knew it was going to be hot in New York, but we felt the heat as soon as our waiter greeted us. Besides being eye candy, he was so awesome, he gave us all kinds of suggestions for restaurants, cheesecake, shopping, and unique New York places. It turns out he was a Northern California import who played college basketball at Eastern Montana. He was spending so much time at our table, that the other patrons sitting in his section were getting visibly annoyed. We loved it.

He was also doing the light arm touches (Kino Escalation for all you fans of Mystery’s Pick Up Artist) on all of us as he dropped off drinks or engaged in conversation with us. Laurel burst out laughing when she saw that the kino escalation had caused a nervous reaction in me causing red, blotchy skin. Thank goodness for the Pashima! Also, classic Laurel subtlety, she asked Domo if we could get a picture, a picture in which Shannon ducked out of at the last second so all you can see is her hair flying out of the frame. Thanks guys, that was as obvious as the red, blotchy skin.