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Monday, August 17, 2009

DAY 4: Traveled Back in Time to Coney Island

Sunday morning we did a spiritual frolic through Manhattan and hit up a 9 am church service. We found out that we had missed running into President Bennion from SUU by about two weeks. Next, we took the Subway ride to the Bronx to check out the new Yankee Stadium and try to get some tickets to the game. Unfortunately, as Laurel put it, we were DENIED. They wanted $150 per ticket and even an hour into the game they still wanted $375 for three tickets. We had to settle for a walking tour around the stadium and photo ops. Funny, that five years ago we paid $15 for bleacher seats. Guess that new stadium is on layaway!

We hopped back on the Subway to head back but were so tired that we basically just sat on the Subway until we couldn’t ride anymore. This sent us through a time warp and landed us directly in Coney Island. Right after we got off the subway, there was a huge thunderstorm so we ducked into a flea market to get out of the rain. Shannon was able to get a darling Coney Island shirt and I was able to introduce Laurel to the world of Christian Audingier and Ed Hardy.

After the rain subsided, the boardwalk actually was very interesting to walk through, you really did feel like you had traveled back in time. We all went down and touched the ocean and wrote our nickname in the sand. I partook of the local cuisine in the form of Nathan’s famous hot dogs and lemonade. Then we took the long subway ride back to our hotel. The long subway rides this day were actually really fun. It was the first time on the trip that we were able to really catch up. Shannon drew us diagrams of the house she and Kyle are building and we just generally reminisced. We thought we were in for the night until the cravings for Mexican food started. I yelped (yelp.com) a Mexican restaurant in the area and we went out to Mary Ann’s for some more food. It was a great hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Of course, on the way back we got lost and it started pouring rain. This is when Shannon was accosted by a toothless drunk man hitting her up for money. Laurel and I filmed why Shannon suffered. We’re great friends!