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Monday, August 17, 2009


Laurel’s Highlight: Lion King and actually making it happen after 10 years of thinking about it. It was pretty awesome!

Laurel’s Lowlight: Nodding off in the Lion King due to the carb overload. Also, noticing another thirty something doing some light stretching in the subway.

Shannon’s Highlight: Running into Jason Catro and getting the photo despite being abandoned by my wing people and THE LION KING!

Shannon’s Lowlight: Having trouble staying awake in the Lion King.

Myndee’s Highlight: The giraffes in The Lion King and meeting Justin Patterson from 9 to 5 cause he was tall.

Myndee’s Lowlight: Being wrong about the Conrad/Aniston bang braid. I was convinced that Jennifer Anniston wore it first at the Oscars but thanks to Cha-Cha we learned that Lauren Conrad rocked it first. Of course, Camille had to admit she watched The Hills to win this one. The other lowlight was eating a pound of cream cheese between the bagels and the cheesecake.