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Friday, August 14, 2009

DAY 2: Magnolia Bakery

Shannon got up early and met David for a run, which apparently was amazing. They ran along the Hudson River and took a little tour through Manhattan. It sounded like the scenery was a fabulous backdrop for a run.

Laurel and I headed back into Chelsea to Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes. Magnolia Bakery was made famous because a scene from Sex and The City was filmed there. (For you SATC junkies, it’s from Season 3, Episode 35: No If Ands or Butts. Carrie meets Aiden for the first time in this episode. She and Miranda sit outside Magnolia Bakery eating cupcakes discussing Carrie’s new crush). I purchased my cupcakes and we headed over to a little pigeon (who were not the least bit intimidated by humans and we all know my fear of fowls) filled park to wait for David and Shannon. Laurel, not being a cupcake fan, said to me, “It seems like you are trying to force cupcakes on me.” I just don’t understand how one cannot enjoy a cup full of cake topped with pure whipped sugar. C’mon!

We also started a conversation about New York in your twenties versus New York in your thirties. It was at this point that Laurel broke into her light stretching. You don’t worry about stretching out before walking the city when you are in your twenties. Laurel explained, “Let me proclaim now in the cupcake cake capitol of the world sitting in pigeon land, 37-40 is a turning point in the aging process. Just look at what happened to Boris Becker.”