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Friday, August 14, 2009


What would New York be without a death ride in a yellow taxi? This was next on the agenda as we were speeding through the city to make it to our first Broadway show: Billy Elliot. Literally, the cab would come to a screeching halt, then burn rubber to go maybe 200 feet than slam stopped again. I thought Shannon was gonna hurl.

We stopped in Juniors restaurant to grab some $10 grilled cheese sandwiches before the show. We had another awesome waitor who made sure we got our food in record time so as not to miss our curtain. He also indulged me as I asked several questions about the Bobby Flay cheesecake throwdown that occurred between Bobby and Junior (Bobby won and it’s the one time he actually seemed embarrassed to win). He also told us that Junior’s cheesecake is the cheesecake that P. Diddy sent the Making of the Band contestants over the Brooklyn Bridge to fetch. I was in pop culture heaven plus I’ve got that secret crush on P. Diddy ever since I saw his E! True Hollywood story.

Okay, Billy Elliot. I have to explain what this story means to me, even though I’m not completely sure why it affects me so much. The first time I saw this movie I literally cried for two days over it. I think I relate to being a bit of an outcast but finding that one outlet where it’s okay to be who you are. Even more emotional is an entire town realizing that this one boy could be their beacon and not resigned to the same life that has been forced upon all of them. There is a scene at the end of the movie where it’s a flashforward to Billy’s dad and brother rushing through London to get to the ballet to see Billy dance Swan Lake. They’re running late and the brother is dragging the dad along because Billy’s father is just in awe of the city and the theater. He just never imagined that his sacrifices for Billy would pay off on such a large scale. And just as they take their seats, Billy’s dad taps the usher and says, “Tell Billy Elliot his family is here.” It’s beautiful and my mascara is running. (The scene I'm talking about starts at 3:53 on the clip below)

The three of us took our seats at Billy Elliot and we were front Mezzanie but extreme stage right. Laurel offered to trade me seats saying, “Myndee this is your thing and it’s not the Yankees!” This made the man next to Laurel laugh out loud to which he replied, “This is my thing too and I don’t like the Yankees.” I adored this musical. Shannon said she could tell when something was going to happen because I would start crying a good minute beforehand. Risking ejection from the theater, Laurel snapped a shot of the finale from her blackberry for me. This sums up Billy Elliot for me, “I can't really explain it, I haven't got the words. It's a feeling that you can't control. I suppose it's like forgetting, losing who you are, And at the same time something makes you whole” lyrics from Electricity.